To whom it may concern,

I am writing to you in regards to Kent Turnipseed . I have known Kent for 43 years. When I met Kent he was a Fire Fighter and started to work for my father, George Deahl, as a locksmith in 1967. At that point in his life he had already served in the U.S. military and was studying Shotokan Karate under Master Oshima.

Currently I serve as an ambassador and committee chair and I am on the executive board to the Masters Hall of Fame. In 2010 Kent Turnipseed was inducted into the Masters Hall of Fame under the category of Silver Lifetime Achievement. You may ask why or how did a world class shooting instructor get inducted into a martial arts hall of fame. Well, I can answer that question in a very simple way. Kent has lived a true warrior’s lifestyle. As a student of many martial arts, Kent has become enthralled with martial arts from Japan , China , Brazil , and the Philippines . Martial arts means “the art of war” and by using that definition the martial arts picks up a whole meaning that really isn’t thought about. Martial arts is typically thought of as mostly empty hand self defense. What about a weapon whether it be a knife or gun? I don’t know of a soldier in today’s world that will go to war without being armed with a gun.

Earlier I stated Kent was a world class shooting instructor. I believe this to be true. He is the finest I have ever seen. Never believe that what he is teaching has no martial arts within it. He has taken the physics of the arts and applied it to a whole new realm.

I believe Kent is a true asset to the shooting community and a credit to shooting instruction. Kent has also taught martial arts to top Hollywood celebrities.

Kent is the real deal when it comes to the martial arts and gun instruction. People should feel lucky having Kent give them his knowledge as freely as he does.

Robert E. Deahl

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  1. wdotson54

    December 26, 2012

    I have personally known Kent Turnipseed since 1983 when he was a Firearms Instructor at the United States School Of Law Enforcement where he trained me to meet the state required certification to apply for a Armed Security Officer License in California. I next was his Student at American Small Arms Academy where he assisted Chuck Taylor in Firearms Training.. Kent went on to start his own School and developed what was to become later The Turnipseed Technique which is the most advanced cutting edge Defensive Shooting method available today.I have also been trained by former Secret Service,FBI,& L.A.P.D../ S.I.S. members however, the training I received from Kent Turnipseed have saved my life in actual life threatening situations several times. Kent not one to rest on his laurels has continued to keep his training cutting edge by constantly looking for better methods to improve his already superior Turnipseed Technique. If you want the best real life training available to survive and dominate a deadly armed encounter The Turnipseed Techinique is the only method I personally recommend after being a Armed Corporate Security Professional for 35 years. Winfred Dotson Site Security Supervisor Corporate Security


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