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March 15, 2012


The 2nd Edition of Martial Art of the Gun is now available and contains two short additions that were not in the 1st Edition: Chunking and Buddha Belly. The Turnipseed basic stance is the sum of eight Constants which define specific positions of the body or body parts. Chunking makes it easier to remember the […]

Introduction to the Turnipseed Technique

February 19, 2012


Handgun The Turnipseed Basic Stance is taught in the Introduction class.  It is a natural, balanced, and relaxed posture that makes shooting more comfortable and thus makes it easier to hit your target.  The basic stance is the foundation and prerequisite for all long arm and advanced handgun techniques (“wax on, wax off”).  In a […]

Welcome to Our Turnipseed Technique Blog

February 17, 2012


About the Book: What happens when balanced body mechanics and the fundamentals of martial arts are applied to shooting? This book will turn everything you thought you knew about shooting upside down. Turnipseed Master Instructor Alan Egusa details Kent Turnipseed’s cutting edge shooting method and shows you: •    How to easily and comfortably shoot any […]