Introduction to the Turnipseed Technique

Posted on February 19, 2012



The Turnipseed Basic Stance is taught in the Introduction class.  It is a natural, balanced, and relaxed posture that makes shooting more comfortable and thus makes it easier to hit your target. 

The basic stance is the foundation and prerequisite for all long arm and advanced handgun techniques (“wax on, wax off”).  In a very real sense the basic stance is advanced, e.g., recoil management and body indexing are inherent in the basic stance.

The need to develop correct muscle memory is emphasized in the Introduction course.  Only perfect practice makes perfect.  Repetition is the basis for ingraining and enhancing the natural Constants in the Basic Stance which result in on-demand repeatability of performance.  It is not magic or trick shooting.  It is just proper body mechanics.  Size, strength or gender (attention Women!) do not matter.  The result is the absolute best shooting method available in the world, bar none.  It is demonstrably the finest system of personal self-defense.

The Introduction class focuses on shooting technique.  It also emphasizes firearms safety and safe and efficient gun handling, teaches avoidance of physical attack through awareness of your surroundings, and covers fundamental aspects of self-defense.